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What drives us
A business philosophy is the fundamental objective of any business and ours is simply that the quality of our houses and work must demonstrate our commitment to getting the job done properly. The majority of our 75 homes and private developments are within a 2-mile radius of our offices so we simply couldn't have stayed in business without looking after our clients and building our houses to a quality that far exceeds building regulations.

As a family famaily run   business trading   for more than   a half a century   Bramley Homes has seen our core values and skills   passed down through three generations. Currently Andrew Bramley (andrew@bramley-homes.com) with the help of his Father (TJ Bramley) and Mother (MJ Bramley) is at the helm of our exciting new Felsted Way development and had designed and achieved planning permission for 59 luxury properties, comprising of 23 large family homes, and 36 two bedroom flats.

Established in 1945 Bramley Homes began life as a small independent house building firm constructing small developments in and around the Luton area. By the 1980's we had completed our award winning Sunset Drive development. During this time we were constantly maintaining our existing developments and helping our individual clients build new houses, extend their existing properties or simply make some internal or external improvements.

Now with Felsted Way under development Bramley Homes will continue to provide the decerning Luton residents a quality alternative to the sometimes soleless estates of  many of our competitors.





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